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Gymnastics as a sport was introduced to Royal in the year 1955. Until the year 2001, Gymnastics was not recognized as any other sport. Since then due to efforts made by all members Gymnastics is considered as a major sport in Royal
Due to the recognition given by College, today young students have emerged to show their hidden talents as well.


2001          I.U. Ranasinghe
2002          I.U. Ranasinghe
2003          H.D.C. Perera
2004          H.D.C. Perera
2005           B.A.A.P. Sanjaya  
2006          B.A.A.P. Sanjaya
2007          B.A.A.P. Sanjaya
2008          B.T.D. Jayawardene
2009          B.T.D. Jayawardene
2010          B.T.D. Jayawardene