Air Force Cadet Platoon

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Royal College air force Cadet platoon

The Air Force Cadet Platoon was initiated in the year 2007. Within a short period of time this platoon has grown into a formidable team which competes against the best in the island.

The following are the Sergeants & Senior Corporals of the Platoon

2007    Sgt.      Rajaguru P.B ( He was later promoted as Company Junior Under Officer)
            Sgt.      Jayalathge I.U
            S.Cpl   Vithanage K.M.C

2008    Sgt.      Siriwardena M.R.C.P
            S.Cpl   Thabrew M

2009    Sgt.      Sirimannage I
            S.Cpl   Peiris U.P