Western Music Society

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The Western Music Society together with the Royal College choir has a rich history of 91 years. First formed in 1919 today has evolved into an integral part of school. Under the guidance of Mrs. H. L. Reed and R. C. Edwards the western music society and the choir was made a part of royal. Thus proving our royalists’ talent in the field of music the “Meaden Shield” was won in the 1920’s not only bringing glory to college but by achieving the highest score of 200/200 for 10 consecutive years. The choir also won the group singing competition held by the department of education in 1981. The choir is what it is today because of its past and our aim is to repeat history at its best.
Western music has, is and will continue to be a part of this great institution.

The main objective of the society is to promote western music among the students of college. Western music is not a very prominent subject in our country as in the west. The western music society of Royal is working with an aim in changing this by making western music a medium of communication to all. Music is no doubt a universal language and our aim is to make it known to all.

Music is not just heard but spoken to and this is where the Royal College choir plays a prominent role in shaping expression to message. It is no doubt an integral part of the western music society where a group of students from grade 6 and above get together in harmony to sing and spread the universal message of music through voice, And last but not least to bring about a togetherness of all the students who study music in college.