Sinhala Oratory and Debating Society

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Until the year 1932, Royal College followed an education and linguistics system that was greatly influenced by Victorian traditions, with great prominence being given to subjects such as English, Latin, Greek and Classics.

Sinhalese was a language that did not feature in the curriculum, resulting in a steady decline in the overall standard of the Mother Tongue amongst the students of the school.

In 1932 the then incumbent Principal Lionel Henry Sampson was instrumental in reversing this situation. He acknowledged the grave predicament that the Sinhala language was facing and was committed to the uplift its standards. He was a gentleman with great foresight, and realized the value of the Sinhalese language despite his foreign birth and education at Oxford University. Of the more famous of his actions was the creation of the Sinhalese Debating Team in 1934. Initially this unit functioned in collaboration with the Sinhala Literary Association. A senior Staff Member and Sinhala Master, Mr. C. Samarasinghe was appointed in charge of this team.
The first debate of the newly established Debating Team was against S. Thomas’ College in 1936, which set a precedent for a tradition that is still practiced today. In order to further its objective in improving the standards of Sinhala Oratory and Debating, the Sinhalese Oratory and Debating Society was inaugurated in 2002. The numerous activities carried out by this institution have gone on to receive fame and recognition at a national and international level. A proud history of 78 years lays claim to the nurturing and moulding of some of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated and respected persons such as the Hon.Lalith Athulathmudali , Nandasena Ratnapala , Nalin De Silva , Ashoka Serasinghe , Prasanna De Silva , Lalith Weerathunga , Prof. A.V. Suraweera  who have proceeded to shape the course and the destiny of our nation.
 The Sinhala Debating and Oratory Society remains faithful to its vision of preserving and nurturing the ‘Lingua Pura’ (Mother Tongue) of Sri Lanka, the foundation and life giving source of our culture and identity.
VISION-To develop and enhance the Sinhala debating and oratory skills of our brother Royalists and to make a huge contribution in improving the debating skills of students island wide by leading from the front.

Motto-           Truth along triumph………

Former Sinhala Debating Captains

1990     Erick Rockwood
1991     Herath Wimalaratne
1992     Kamal Udawatte
1993     Janaka Bandara
1994     Dasun Amarakoon
1995     Dinuka Lankeshwara
            T. Vidunage
1996     Pubudu Ilanga Perera
1997     Amila Sooriyarachchi
1998     Udara Zoysa
1999     Bushan Illeperuma
2000     Maduka Rupasinghe
2001     Hasitha Dhaale
             Ishan Ratnapala
2002     Suvindha Kalhara Cooray
2003     Suvindha Kalhara Cooray
2004     Dasun Dilhan Wijayaratne
2005     Jalitha Liyanage
2006     Binodh Eranga
2007     Mahesh Nirmal
2008     Hansaka Wickaramasinghe
2009     Sajith Threemavithana
2010     Ravihara Pinnaduva


Royal College Senior Sinhala Debating Teams from 2001-2010

2001     Ishan Rathnapala (C)    
            Hasith Daala     (C)
            Bushan Illeperuma
            Suvinda Kalhara Coorey

2002     Suvinda Kalhara Coorey (C)
            Ishan Rathnapala
            Jalitha Liyanage
            Suviran Gunasekara
            Kasun Wijerathne

2003     Suvinda Kalhara Coorey (C)
            Jallitha Liyanage
            Kasun Wijerathne
            Binod Eranga
            Mahesha Nirmal

2004     Kasun Wijerathne (C)
            Suvinda Kalhara Coorey
            Jalitha Liyange
            Prageeth Madushan
            Binod Eranga
            Mahesha Nirmal

2005    Jalitha Liyange (C)
            Suvinda Kalhara Coorey
            Binod Eranga
            Mahesha Nirmal
            Amila Saputhanthri
            Hansaka Wickramasinghe

2006     Binod Eranga (C)
            Mahesha Nirmal
            Amila Saputhanthri
            Hansaka Wickramasinghe
            Punsara Amarasinghe

2007    Mahesha Nirmal (C)
            Hansaka Wickramasinghe
            Binod Eranga
            Sajith Threemavithana
            Gihan Ranasinghe
            Oshadi Premarathna

2008     Hansaka Wickramasinghe(C)
            Gihan Ranasinghe
            Oshadi Premarathna
            Sajith Threemavithana
            Threemal Madushan
            Vidura Gamage

2009     Sajith Threemavithana (C)
            Threemal Madushan
            Rivihara Pinnaduwa
            Panchal Abeysinghe
            Vidura Gamage

2010     Rivihara Pinnaduwa (C)
            Panchal Abeysinghe
            Vidura Gamage
            Wathsala Ruberu
            Basura Perera
            Ravindu Hasantha

Winners of the ‘D.P. Jayasekera’ SHIELD for Inter House Sinhala debating

1957        Harward
1958        Boake
1959        Boake
1960        Marsh
1961        Marsh
1962        Boake
1963        Marsh
1964        Marsh
1965        Marsh
1966        Hartley
1967        Marsh
1968        Hartley
1969        Harward
1970        Boake
1971        Hartley
1972        Boake
1973        Boake
1974        Hartley
1975        Boake
1976        Boake
1977        Marsh
1978        Marsh

2005        Harward
2006        Marsh
2007        Boake
2008        Boake


Student Chairman                   Kasun Wijeratne
Captain                                   Suvinda Cooray
Vice Captain                            Devinda Cooray
                                               Jalitha  Liyanage

Chairman                                 Jalitha Liyanage
Captain                                    Suindra Cooray
Vice Captain                            Prageeth pieris


Student chairman                    Binod Eranga
Captain                                    Jalith Liyanage
Vice captain                             Binod Eranga
Secretary                                 Mahesha Perera


Student chairman                     Mahesha Nirmal Perera        

Captain                                     Binod  Eranga
Vice captain                              Mahesha Nirmal perera
Secretary                                  Hansaka Wicramasinghe
Treasure                                   Punsara Amarasinghe

Student Chairman                    Hansaka Wikramasinghe
Secretary                                 Gihan Ranasingha
Treasurer                                 Oshadhi Premaratne
Captain                                    Mahesha Nirmal Perera
Vice Captain                            H.G.B. Hansaka Wikramasinghe


Chairman                                S.D.Threemavithana
Secretary                                Panchal Abeysinghe
Captain                                   H.G.B.Hansaka Wikramasinghe
Vice Captains                          Gihan Ranasinghe
                                               Oshadhi Premaratne


Chairman                                Oshan Ratnayake
Secretary                                Anupama Bulegoda
Captain                                  S.D.Threemavithana
Vice Captain                           Thrimal Madushan


Chairman                               Wathsala Ruberu
Secretary                               Ravindu Hasantha
Captain                                  Rivihara Pinnaduwa
Vice Captain                          Panchal Abeysinghe