Sinhala Drama Society

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The Royal College Sinhala Drama Society was first established in 1998 adding more glamour to college. Since then has been working hand in hand with the other organizational bodies within the college while extending maximum support in almost all the college functions.

At the inception though there were only a few members. It expanded in numbers and became more prominent among clubs and societies with the introduction of Inter House Drama competitions.

Royalists became pioneers in the history of Sri Lankan schools Drama after 2007, when “Abhina” Drama competitions were held for the first time. The credit goes to Royal College for enabling school level dramatists to bloom in this field.

Another very important project of the Drama Society is the Annual Inter House Drama Competitions held in all 3 languages with the participation of many Students. Apart from that the “Harasara Pranama” Drama Awarding Ceremony, SAGA, Workshops and other items at various school functions take lead in activities done by the club.


2004    Tharaka Amarasena
2005    Suranjith Sameera
2006    Ishara Wickremasinghe
2007    Banuka Mallawarachchi
2008    Isuru Sandaruwan
2009    Aseniya Wijerathna
2010    Shehan Kalansooriya


2004    Loshitha Samarasekara
2007    Hasitha Raviranga
2008    Geethal Bandara
2009    Lahiru Wickremasinghe
2010    Wenura Dananjaya