Radio Club

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The Radio Club of Royal College is one the oldest clubs at Royal College. Established in 1925 as the Radio Listeners Club by the College Prefects during the tenure of Principal Major H.L. Reed, today the club is responsible for many pioneering initiatives such as the “FMRoyal” radio broadcast, web cast, and Pod cast. Members of the club maintains and operate much of the Audiovisual assets at the college, including the sound systems and the schools PA system, it also provides services to other Clubs and Societies on a frequent basis on matters which concern electronics, audio or video, and liaise with other schools on these matters as well.

Fm royal
FMRoyal has been one of the most innovative undertakings of the Radio Club. The service has the distinction of being the first ever school radio station in south Asia, the first ever 24 hours radio station in Sri Lanka, first ever radio station in Sri Lanka to have a wap-enabled website, first ever school radio station to start a webcast and the first ever school radio station in Colombo to have a relay transmission in Kandy & Galle.