The Royal College Record Room which is situated at the Main building complex holds records from the year 1901 up to date.

The following are the records at the Record Room.

  • Stores of Teachers Personal Records
  • Teachers Attendance Registers
  • Past Pupils & Present Pupils Attendance Registers
  • Documents of all Admissions
  • Result Sheets of Ordinary Level & Advanced Level Examinations from the year 1968 to date.
  • Copies of Character Certificates from the year 1974 to date.
  • Copies of Leaving Certificates from the year 1985 to date.
  • Collection of Prize Giving, Colours Night, Sports Meet souvenirs etc
  • Copies of Letters issued by the Record Room              

The following are the duties of the Registrar.

    • Admissions
    • Issuing Educational, Leaving, Character Certificates
    • Issuing Letters to Foreign universities and other necessary documents to students.
    • Maintaining Records