Media Unit

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The Royal College Media Unit which was initiated in the year 2001 has indeed rendered its services to the College immensely. The main objective of the Media Unit is to build a professionally administrated unit with guidance, providing assistance when considered necessary in all aspects
The Following are the Services offered by the Society.

Daily Projects
 • School News and Special Announcements
Daily Activities and special programs held within college are announced through the PA system while special announcements regarding activities of clubs, societies and sports related activities are announced by the Announcers’ pool of MURC every single day.
• E-news (beta project)
A Daily news bulletin is uploaded to the Facebook group” Royal College News”. We hope to enhance this service to ‘SMS’ updates and weekly newsletter.

 Weekly Projects & Activities 
• Maintenance of 6 News Boards  
6 News boards are being maintained by the Unit, where the latest sports achievements, events organized by other clubs of Royal College, and special announcements regarding the college are put up.

• Training Sinhala and English Announcing pools    
Training sessions are being conducted for young announcers by senior announcers who have broad experience in announcing.
Sinhala Announcing -Thursdays (2.30 pm—4.30 pm)
English Announcing - Fridays (2.30 pm—4.30 pm)

• Weekly Discussions on Visual Communication    
These discussions are focused on aspects of visual communications and how visual communication affects human relations and society. Most of the articles for KIRULA – the official magazine of MURC- were written based on these discussions.
Sinhala Announcing- Thursdays (2.30 pm—4.30 pm)
English Announcing- Fridays (2.30 pm—4.30 pm)

• Series of Announcing Workshops
A renowned announcer visits Royal College every two weeks for a special workshop. This programme is conducted on Thursdays.

• TV/Radio representation
Members  of  MURC  represents  Royal  College  at  many  TV  and  Radio programmes. have  been  able  to  show  their  talents  in  these  programmes. Following students  are  representing  Royal  College  at  various  TV  and  Radio programmes.

Hasindu Sithara                   - Rupavahinie
Wathsala Ruberu                 - Rupavahinie
Sumudu Hemachandra       - SLBC
Kavinda Gamage                 - SLBC
Nadun Jayawardane            - SLBC

• Special Event Announcing
Art Exhibition
Senior Sports Meet
Primary Sports Meet
Chemistry Lecture 
Elle Tournament
Sinhala Drama Festival
English Drama Festival

KIRULA – the magazine
‘Kirula’ is a trilingual sole publication of the Media Unit of Royal College. Since it was launched in year 2004, it has contributed immensely in strengthening the standards, reputation and good will of the Alma mater while providing entertainment for the readers. 
Kirula is a magazine published focused especially on students. Throughout the years it has taken marvellous efforts to  guide  students  in  the  correct  path  and  achieve  great  heights  in  their studies.
Kirula  has  established  its  stature  as  a  source  of  entertainment  and  as  a source  of  information  for  students  to  attain  both  academic  and  spiritual development. Series of comics, cartoons etc. exclusively presented in Kirula, act as a major source of entertainment.
The  first  issue of the Magazine  is scheduled  to be released by  the 2nd week of  October  and  so  far  it  is  under  proof  checking  of  to  which  a  Special Committee has been appointed by the Unit, which would ensure the release of the Magazine would not be delayed.

 LE POSTRÈ TEAM (poster and graphic team)

The Poster & Graphic team is one of the main methods of Communicating & Promoting School events among students. One of the main services are the Posters set up to Promote the Big Match, Bradby Shield etc.