Environmental Conservation

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History and Introduction

Environmental Conservation Society of Royal College was found in late 1960’s with the intention of promoting Environmental education among Royal College student community. Since that ‘ECS’ rendered a great service to Royal College by making all young Royalists follow the ECS motto “Naturalis Protogamus”, which means “protect nature”.

ECS joined hands with the Central Environmental Authority in 1997 by starting an Environmental Pioneer Brigade at Royal College. This is a island wide programme conducted by the CEA and our Environmental Pioneers were able to receive many badges awarded in this programme. ECS also organizing joint projects with he EDEX Think Green Campaign to make royal college the most sustainable school in Asia.


2005/2006     Chethaka Gunawardena
2006/2007     S. Salgado
2007/2008     Rochana Ramanayake
2008/2009     Hasidu Sithara

2009/2010       Supun Jayalath