English Drama Society

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The English Drama Society of Royal College has a rich history with an active participation in many Annual events that take place in Sri Lanka on the field of English Drama.
The main event each year in the Society calendar is the All-Island Thespians Challenge Trophy, or better yet known as the All Island Shakespeare Competition. This event, with a participation of over 40 schools from all over the country, is of utmost importance to the society as it is defined by many in the country as a measure of ranking schools in English Theatre. The English Drama Society has emerged champions of this competition in years 1992, 2002, 2008 and been the Runners-Up in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
The English Drama Society recognizes the Shakespeare Challenge trophy to be the pinnacle of the society year as it is the main event that all members look forward to. The reason behind this is the unbreakable bond that is created during that one month of intense hardship, where age, status and hierarchy has no effect and all that matters is creating a brilliant production that manages to awe audiences every year. 
Known as the Most Consistent School in Sri Lankan English Theatre, Royal College, through its English Drama Society, has produced many interesting and outstanding productions in the past ranging from Classics such as “Jekyll & Hyde”, “The Jungle Book” to Contemporary Plays such as “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”. These were all public productions done with the intention of making funds for competitions such as the Thespians Challenge Trophy.
Apart from these productions, the society has also introduced the form of “Interactive Theatre” to Sri Lanka, through dramas such as “The Accused” where the audience would decide the ending of the play.
The English Drama Society has been involved in such a manner in making sure that Royal College would always stay at the top in the field of Theatre.


All Island Inter School Thespians Challenge Trophy:
         2002             Champions             – “Anthony & Cleopatra”
         2005             Runner- Up            – “Midsummer Night’s Dream”
         2006             Runner- Up            – “King Richard”
         2007             Runner – Up           – “Macbeth”
         2008             Champions             – “King Lear”

ICSQCC (Lucknow, India):
                        Best Drama – “Quality Defines Fellowship”