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Royal College has 2 dental clinics - Junior and Senior. These provide students with compulsory dental check-ups on a regular basis. Any student may request dental attention or advice, at any time. Additionally, the clinics also provide students with guidance and training pertaining to dental hygiene and health.

Adolescent Dental Clinic

This dental Clinic is used by students from Grade 7 to 13 (Above 12 years) and it also provided dental services to Staff members as well. Many Oral related work is done free of charge for students. The following are the services provided.

  • Dental Restorations
    1. Root Canal Treatment (R.C.T)
    2. Composite Light
    3. Amalgam
    4. G.I.C
    5. Temporary

Full Mouth Scaling and Polishing

  • Dental Extractions
  • Oral health Education

Doctor:            Dr. C.Ruhunage - 0716537061

Attendants:     S.K. Perera - 07772642963
                        H.A. Kamala Pushpalatha - 0718180409   


Primary Dental Clinic

This Clinic is used by Students from Grade 1 to 6. The Junior Dental Clinic was started in the year 1955 and is funded by the Health Ministry.  The following are services provided by this clinic

  • Dental Restorations
    1. Amalgam
    2. G.I.C
    3. Temporary


  • Full Mouth Scaling and Polishing
  • Dental Extractions
  • Oral health Education

Dental Therapists:       G.Thilaka                    2624139, 0778402832           
                                    K.C. Perera                 2896867
                                    L. Lokuwithana          2845401, 0718138580

Attendant:                   C.S. Iduruwage           011566976, 0718138797

The students of the following schools also are provided with Dental services by the clinic,

  1. Thurstan College
  2. St. Mary’s College
  3. St. Michael College
  4. Sri Sariputta Vidyalaya
  5. Al Ameen College
  6. Kotahena Maha Vidyalaya
  7. Modara Ananda Vidyalaya

* Students from 10 other Pre Schools also are provided with these services