Debaters Council

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Since its inauguration the Debaters Council of Royal College has produced many orators who have been in the forefront of politics and other fields and thereby led this country and our Alma mater to greater heights. In the history of the Debaters Council one event that stands out among the others is the Royal Thomian Debate.

The Royal Thomian Debate

One tradition that is closely tied to the Battle of The Blues and to the Debaters Council is the Royal Thomian Debate. This is debate has been carried on for longer than the Battle of The Blues itself which is 131 years old and now takes place every year 3 days before the Battle of The Blues.


The vision of the Debaters Council is to enhance and nurture the oratory skills in the student community and thereby make them fluent and eloquent public speakers.


The Debaters Council hopes to make its vision a reality by carrying out workshops by prominent debaters in Sri Lanka not only for the debating teams itself but for other members of the club and those interested in the sphere of debating.