Catholic Student Union

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The Catholic Students Union along with the other religious societies was formed during Principal Dudley Kenneth George de Silva’s period in 1955.
However before the Catholic Students Union, it all began with the introduction of the R.C.Y.M.C.A. formed in 1894 which was the first institution in college where students discussed affairs on religion. The main purpose of the union then and now is the Carol service which is jointly organized with the student Christian movement.        
The Carol service, an annual event, takes place in the month of December close to Christmas at the main hall in order to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is not only a religious event, but an event where the whole school gets together to celebrate Christmas. Traditionally a guest preacher ends the service by blessing the Royal family of teachers, students, parents and well wishers.

he main objective of the Catholic Students Union is to spread the word of god to all catholic students of college and to uphold their faith in the religion.  As the Christian students are a minority out of the student population, the catholic student’s union works jointly with the student Christian movement in order to achieve its targets. This is seen during the month of December when both clubs come together in order to organize the carol service. The main aim of organizing an annual carol service is that it gives the opportunity for the whole school to get together and celebrate Christmas together.