Cadet Contingent

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Royal College Cadet Contingent

Ours is the first Cadet Battalion to be formed in a school in Ceylon by Mr. J. B. Cull the Principal of Royal College. During the period of Principal Rev. Marsh, the Cadet Corps was attached to the Ceylon volunteers (Volunteer Gazette 1905) The Hon. John Douglas CMG Lt. Governor in his address to the students of the institution on Prize day in July 1881 congratulated then on their newly organized corps which was considered another step in the advancement of the College. Since then until today our Cadets have not missed a single camp held.

The Present Cadet Contingent of Royal College was started in the year 1970 consisting of 2 Cadet Platoons. Later in 1981 the “Platoon II” continued as the Only Cadet Troop in Royal. The Royal College Cadet Contingent is one of the most outstanding Cadet Troops in the Island.

The following are the Names of the Sergeants and Lance Sergeants of the Cadet Contingent of Royal College.

 Platoon I

1970                Sgt.      Moosa. M.R
                        L/Sgt    Piyarathna C.H.S.K

1971                Sgt. Sri Chandrasekara F.B.P
                        L/Sgt    Perera S.A.W

1972                Sgt. Perera B.I
                        L/Sgt Samarasinghe T.S.G

1973                Sgt. Jayawardena P.G
                        L/Sgt Jayasooriya S.C

1974                Sgt. Pannipitiya P.
                        L/Sgt Jayasighe R.M

1975                Sgt. Jayasighe R.M
                        L/Sgt Jayasooriya A.N

1976                Sgt. Wickramasinghe R.L
                        L/Sgt Greesman R

1977                Sgt. Abeywardena L
                        L/Sgt Martin K.S

1978                Sgt. Hettiarachchi D.D.G
                        L/Sgt Lankadewa A

1979                Sgt. Lankadewa A
                        L/Sgt Fernando W.D.M

1980                Sgt. Fernando W.D.M
                        L/Sgt Wijerathne R.C


Platoon II

1970                Wickramarathna N      
                        Galagedara D.G

1971                Jayasooriya S
                        Perera D.I

1972                Ilangarathna R.B.P
                        Perera L.C

1973                Zavahir Z.H
                        Perera G.H.A.P

1974                Weerasinghe C
                        Wijemanna T   

1975                Weerathunga H.A
                        Surendra A.G.R

1976                Attygalle A.N
                        Chandrasekara M.P

1977                Delungahawatta R.T
                        Kolonnage P.K.D

1978                Jayathilaka W.A.P.D
                        Masakkara J.S

1979                Masakkara J.S
                        Nanayakkara P.R

1980                Mahmoor N.U.D         
                        Jayawickrama A.U

1981                Edirisinghe P.P.C
                        Kolonnage P.D.P

1982                Jayasinghe H.D.
                        Wijerathna U.P

1983                Bandara U.G
                        Sirisoma U.N.D

1984                Weerakkody J.P.A
                        Bamunuarachchi C.P

1985                Krishantha P.G.D.A
                        Jayasundara C.D

1986                Jayasundara C.D
                        Kolonnage J.S.P

1987                Vitharana V.K.M.B
                        Jayathilake K.W

1988                Kulathunga S.A.
                        Udayadeepa K.A.G

1989                Weerasekara V.V
                        Welarathna W.A.P.P

1990                Perera U.C.L
                        Weerasinghe S.R

1991                Perera V.A.U.N
                        Ranathunga M.N

1992                Ranathunga M.N
                        Wickramasinghe D.S.

1993                Ariyarathne I.A.
                        Samaranayaka K.K.

1994                Kaluarachchi C.K
                        Kosgahakumbura N.R.D

                        Perera P.A.M.P
                        Amarasekara H.K.A.T

1995                Amarasekara H.K.A.T
                        Perera J.A.B.A

1996                Jayasinghe S.P
                        Perera M.D.N

1997                Mohothedura R.W.U.K
                        Weerasooriya M.W.A.S

1998                Weerasooriya M.W.A.S
                        Gamage P.D.U

1999                Rangajith A.W.I
                        Jayawardena V.K.S
2000                Mahanama R.M.B.M
                        Edirisinghe E.P.D.R

2001                Edirisinghe E.P.D.R
                        Karunarathne H.P.S

2002                Gamage I.R.A
                        Perera D.R.G

2003                Kodithuwakkuarachchi A.G
                        Senarathna U.D.M.D.C

2004                Jayawardena H.A.M.C.J
                        Hettigama J.M

2005                Nakalanda R.S
                        Nakalanda D.C.R

2006                Liyanagamage N.P
                        Rajapaksha R.L.M.M

2007                Rajapaksha R.L.M.M
                        Manamendra B

2008                Manamendra B
                        Arukgoda R.S

2009                Arukgoda R.S
                        Peiris H.S.K

2010                Peiris H.S.K
                        Fernando M.K.N