Cadet Band

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Cadet band sergeants of royal college
The Royal College Cadet Band which is one of most outstanding Cadet Bands in the island was started in the year 1979. Since then it has evolved itself to be the island’s best. The Cadet Band supports probably every event in College, by their presence.
The following are the list of the Sergeants, Warranted Offices & Corporals of the Cadet Band of Royal College.
1979                Sgt         Yahampath R.K.G
1980/81           W.O.II    Abeysundara J.P
1981/82           W.O.II    Fernando W.C.N
1983                W.O.II    Sirsena H.A.J
1984/85           W.O.II    Illukpitiya M.D.A
1985                W.O.II    Samaraweera S.M.A.P
1985/86           W.O.II    Perera M.A.C
1986/87           W.O.II    Pieris G.V.A.U.C
1988/89           W.O.II    Jayasekara G.S
1989/90           Sgt.        Chandrasena W.W.D.A.S
1991                Sgt.        De Alwis D.D.L.P
                        Sgt.        Hewage C.P
1992                Sgt.        Wadusinghaarachchi  C
1993                Sgt.        Jayarathna B.D.T.B
1994                Sgt.        Pallewatta P.G.D.B
1995                Sgt.        Jayakody S.V
1996                Sgt.       Bomiriya N.D
1997                Sgt.       Soorasena W.D.T.C
1998                Sgt.       Liyanage H.D.M
1999                Sgt.       Wathawanavithana S.D
2000                Sgt.       Wijemanna G.D
2001                Sgt.       Jayasinghe  T.I
2002                Sgt.       Bamunusinghe B.A.S.D
2003                Sgt.       Bandara K.M.S.D
2004                Sgt.       Kariyawasam S.L.P
2005                Sgt.       Dissanayaka D.M.P.M
2006                Sgt.      Amarasinghe V.K
2007                Sgt.      Abeywickrama C.V
2008                W.O.II  Arachchige P.C.K
2009                Sgt.      Perera B.A.D.S.R
2010                Sgt.      Chandrasiri J.P.I.N

The following are the Non Commissioned Officers of the Cadet Band

1980/ 81        Sgt.                   Fernando W.C.N
1981/82         L/Sgt.                Jayasooriya P.R
1983              Cpl.                    Illukptiya M.D.A
1984/85         S/Sgt.                Samaraweera S.M.A.P
1985              Sgt.                    Perera M.A
1985/86         Sgt.                    Pieris G.V.A.U.C
1986/87         S/Sgt.                Gamage B.B.
1988/89         S/Sgt.                Wanigasooriya K.P.I
1989/90         Cpl.                    Kasturiarchchi C
1991              Cpl.                    Wadusinghaarachchi C
1992              Cpl.                    Wickramasinghe S.D
1993              Cpl.                    Egodage S.H
1994              Cpl.                    Kodithuwakku D.K.J
1995              Cpl.                    Bomiriya N.D
1996              Cpl.                    Wijesekara W.A.D.J
1997              Cpl.                    Bandara L.R.C.U
1998              L/Cpl.                 Rathnapala D.G.T
1999              Cpl.                    Rathnapala D.G.T
2000              L/Cpl                  Jayasinghe T.I
2001              Cpl.                   Dahanayaka J.K
2002              Cpl.                   Jagodaarachchi W.C
2003              Cpl.                   Kariyawasam S.L.P
2004              Cpl.                   Atapattu A.S.B.N.S
2005              Cpl.                   Navarathna K.V
2006              Cpl.                   Corea D.C.S
2007              Cpl.                   Selvarajah K
2008              Cpl.                   Wettasinghe A.P
2009              Cpl.                   Siyambalapitiya M.D.A.G.V
2010              Cpl.                   Kalinga M.S