Aviation Society

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Royal College Aviation Society is the only Aviation related Society or Club in the College. From time to time it faced many challenges and obstacles, but because of the commitment and effectiveness of its past office bearers and members, support and encouragement of the Master-in-charge, other staff members and the Principal, it was able to stand up against all of those obstacles and move forward as a successful society.

The Aviation Society during the past few years organized many activities. “Aero’08” Exhibition and Workshop and The Wing Magazine take prominent places amongst those activities organized. Other than that the “Reinquo-Aero” Aeronautical Exhibition, Seminars, Quiz Competitions, field-trips etc. are also amongst the activities which the Aviation Society is responsible for.

Royal College Aviation Society also has the fullest support of many other distinct personals and organizations. The Aeronautical Association of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Air Force are also of fullest support and help towards the RCAS. Aeronautical/Aviation Societies of many other schools and institutions have also shown interest in doing activities in collaboration with the Royal College Aviation Society.

Past Chairmen

2005       P.  Priyakeerthi                                 
2006       B. Samarakoon                    
2007       P. Bandara                           
2008       S. Guruge                             
2009       K. Karunarathne                   

Aeronautical Exhibition and Workshop

This is the continuation of the Aero’08 Exhibition and Workshop. Since the National Conflict is over, the restrictions which were put forward in connection to the Aviation field has loosened. Therefore it has been an opportunity to carry out this exhibition annually.

The Wing Magazine

The Wing Magazine first published in the year of 2005 under the Chairmanship of P. Priyakeerthi was the first ever magazine, which a school in Sri Lanka has ever published in the field of Aviation. This significant magazine was well developed in the year of 2009 under the Chairmanship of S. Guruge and the Chief Editor Gishan Dias. The Wing was published in a Disc as an e-Magazine. And it was recognized as the first ever magazine published by a school in the form of a Compact Disc (e-Magazine).