Astronomical Society

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The Royal College Astronomical Society was formed in 1967 during the tenure of Principal B.G. Premaratne.  It was the time of a space age where every house hold talked about.  Interests in Astronomy arose when RCAS received a 4 inch reflector from the optician Mr. Eric Rajapakse who was a keen amateur astronomer and a council member of the Ceylon Astronomical Association (CAA).  The telescope was set prominently in vice Principal Mr. E. Dias’s office and was used for many occasions to observe the night sky.

Annual Astronomical Workshop

This is the largest event organize by RCAS.  Every year this event is held with the participation of many students from invited schools.  Royal College Astronomical Workshop is recognized as one of the best astronomy events in Sri Lankan astronomy calendar.  This is a place where an amateur astronomer can enhance his/her knowledge on astronomy in a large scale. This is the largest astronomical school event organized by any school in Sri Lanka and the winning teams will be awarded with the gift pack from NASA.

Astronomical Quiz

This event is organized to distribute knowledge on astronomy among students.  This will be made by the RCAS Quiz team, covering all the main areas in astronomy.  The winners will be awarded in the Annual workshop.

Workshop & Night camp for Junior Members

This is organized to make an interest on astronomy in the middle school kids of Royal College.  They will get the basic knowledge on astronomy and at the same time they can improve their leadership skills too.  This helps to build a strong & efficient Junior Committee.

Sci-Fi Competition

Royal College Astronomical Society organizes this Sci-Fi competition to raise the scientific thinking and creativity among school students.  The best fictions will be selected by the judge board of RCAS. Winners are awarded with Medals & Certificates


RCAS publishes the magazine The ROYAL ASTRONOMER to fulfill the lack of knowledge in Astronomy among school students.  There are no regular magazines in Astronomy published in Sri Lanka.  Even though books are very useful, they can’t provide latest news in the field.  So it is clear that the need of on Astronomical magazine is very much important.  This magazine will contain articles in all 3 media, so that everyone can enjoy it.  This will be an opportunity to children from other schools to participate in a school magazine