Art Circle

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         The Art Circle of Royal College has been one of the main active societies of Royal College since 1995.The Art Circle has always supported in bringing up aesthetic talents of young royalists and also of students all over the Island. As our main duty is to develop their talents to an extent of being recognized by other people in the society as well and to pave a path for those students who are talented in the subject to carry out their skills in the future.

  • All Island Annual Art Competition/ Exhibition

This event has been organized by the Art Circle of Royal College for over14years and has been one of the grand events Annually organized by a society of Royal College. Needless to say that at Royal College, we have many traditions and this Art Exhibition is definitely one of them. This exhibition makes a very important milestone of Royal College Art Circle, obtaining excellent results. This exhibition had paved the way for students to expose their Artistic Skills and talents into time light. By holding the exhibition of the nature, Royal College Art Circle has always brought out the aesthetic talents of the younger generation of Sri Lanka, as done in the past. This Competition with Medals to be won will certainly encourage these young artists to produce their best at the competition and as well as in the future. The Competition consists of 10 categories for students above Grade 6, Such as- sculpture, pot painting, glass painting, impressions, cartoons, object drawing, oil painting, black and white, fabric drawing, co-large. This exhibition will be held in September this year.
Past Chairmen
1998       D.H.K Dharmadasa           
1999       G.C Mayakkaduwa            
2000       C.T.H Sampath                    
2001       Rishika Waraiti
2004       Miyuru C. Matharge          
2005       Chethaka S. Gunawardane
2006       Ranitha S. Weerarathne  
2007       Amal Amarasinghe           
2008       Pathum D. Rupasinghe     
2009       Waruna Pieris
2010       Dhanuka T. Pathirana                                 

1998       Roshan DeSilva     
1999       H.V Saram
2000       Deumith Charana banda                   
2001       Akalanka T. Serasinghe   
2004       W.A Gayan Kalana           
2005       C.B Rukshan Rajakaruna 
2006       Chameera D. Udawatte    
2007       Tharindu Weejayrathne   
2008       Charith A. Wijesundara   
2009       Janith Malshan              
2010       Binara Gunawardane